I have an Instagram account because I’m a musician and the perceived wisdom is that creatives need to be on Instagram. Really ??? Let me explain what being on Instagram is like for me. I create a post and upload it to Instagram. Immediately I get bombarded by ‘people’ telling me to promote it through […]

I’m hopeful that my next song will be released in April. My last song, Throw Away The Key, was released at the back end of February so hopefully this signals a return to me releasing music more often. All the completed tracks are with my producer Jermaine and hopefully I’ll be able to upload the […]

It’s was five years ago today that I lost the love of my life. She finally lost her fight against the cancer that attacked her in the most vicious, awful way and took from the world a very special person. Right up until her treatment was withdrawn she fought her illness with courage and grace. […]