Three out of the top five places where my music is streamed are in the USA. Los Angeles, New York and Brooklyn head a boom that has seen the USA come to dominate where my music is streamed. The good people of Sydney, Australia are hanging on in there in third place but there’s little […]

It seems my music is popular in Piscataway. In fact the good citizens of Piscataway, New Jersey are making their town the 5th most popular place on the planet where my music is listened to. And that fact should not go unrecognised. I’ll bet you that outside Piscataway not that many people have heard of […]

Just when the Australians thought they had everything their own way the residents of Los Angeles have woken up and started listening to my music. For some time it’s been the Australians who have shown the lost interest in my music, based on the demographics on my Spotify account, but out of nowhere Los Angeles […]