Written in 1960 by Carole King and her then husband Gerry Goffin Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow was originally released by The Shirelles and was a hit. But it is the 1971 version from Carole King’s mega selling hit album Tapestry that makes it to number 3 in my all time Top Ten songs.

The reason is simple, it’s a stunningly good song. It’s a love song that questions whether the boy will love the woman now he’s had his wicked way. The lyrics, by Gerry Goffin, are streets ahead of the usual moon in June love songs of the time, the pace of the song is just right and the music is just right.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow benefits from having exceptional musicians on it, notably James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, who were recording Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon and Blue at the same time. It’s staggering to think that those two albums and Tapestry were all being recorded at the same time. What was in the water in 1971?

The album Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow came from was packed full of great songs such as You’ve Got A Friend, It’s Too Late and I Feel The Earth Move. It sold in bucket loads and made Carole King a huge international star but it’s the 4 minutes of perfection that is Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow that is, in my opinion, the stand out song.



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