Husband and wife team Robert Fripp and Toyah were surely made for lockdown. Just when you thought you were going mad from being locked inside for months on end along came Toyah and Robert to prove your world is quite normal compared to the lunatic stratosphere they inhabit.

But it’s all done with that gorgeous sense of the ridiculous that the British excel at.

Their Sunday Lunch and Agony Aunt segments are coupled with their over-the-top presenting style are short vignettes of straight up silliness that are mostly ended by Robert falling about laughing.

It’s not high brow, it’s almost certainly not art and it’s not comedy, it’s all of this and more. Is it music? Well, they certainly play songs and sing away but whether that combination is musical I’ll leave for you to judge. Just love them for what they are and thank goodness we live in a world that includes the likes of Toyah and Robert.



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