A couple of days ago I posted that the United States listens to my music on Spotify more than any other country, so which city listens to my music the most?

Surprisingly it’s not a city in the US, it is in fact the UK capital London where my listeners seem to congregate.

To be honest congregate might not be the most apt word, but London is the place where more people listen to my music than any other city.

The top five cities are:

  1. London
  2. Dublin
  3. Melbourne
  4. Brisbane
  5. Sydney

I have no idea why there’s three Australian cities in that list, don’t get me wrong I really grateful that my music is listened to wherever the listener is, but it’s inexplicable to me why those three cities have people listening to me.

A big shout out to my listener in Dagami in the Philippines. Whoever you are I hope you liked my music !!!

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