In the corner of my living room sits a very nice hi-fi combo. Decent CD player, amplifier, good speakers even a turntable (for those who remember vinyl).

I’ve even got a reasonably sized CD collection with some exceptional music by artists big and small. But I’ve been seduced by the wonders of Spotify, Alexa and my iPhone and so I never stick a CD on sit back and listen to it. Which is ironic given the fact that I released my own CD last year.

So I hit the world wide web and went to Music Magpie and bought 4 CDs for just £8 including delivery. I wasn’t too specific, just CDs I knew I didn’t have. So, dear reader, they arrived today – The Whole Story by Kate Bush, Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan, Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield and Peace At Last by The Blue Nile. Over the next few days I’m going to sit down and listen to these and then order another 4 for next week.

Imagine owning physical copies of an artist’s work. Maybe I’ll start a revolution.



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