Fleetwood Mac took the profits from the mega selling Rumours album and spent a huge part of it on an ambitious double album called Tusk released in 1979. It’s fair to say that it wasn’t well received at the time drawing direct comparisons with Rumours it was seen as overblown and not as immediately commercial as their 1977 release.

The infighting that had started during the Rumours album continued unabated and (allegedly) the band were doing copious quantities of drugs. In retrospect it’s a wonder they recorded anything let alone a double album that is chock full of great songs.

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Fleetwood Mac are famous for their infighting, infighting continues to this day, that’s 44 years of infighting, a staggering achievement by any measure. You have to admire that level of dedication. Just think what they might have achieved if they had all been on the same side.

Tusk is a great album by any standard, do your ears a favour and have a listen to it again.



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