There’s one person I’d like to single out for some extra special thanks for helping me get to one million Spotify streams – my producer Jermaine Nelson-Williams.


Quite literally without Jermaine I would probably not even have started releasing my music, he was the catalyst who got me going. He’s married to my niece so he’s family but he’s also an exceptional producer/mixer.

I record all my songs at home in the little man-cave I’ve developed and when I think I’m done I hand the basic tracks to Jermaine and he makes sense of them and weaves his particular magic on them.

Jermaine has his own studio and years of experience in the music industry and with this he’s able to take my songs and make them sound far better than I could ever make them sound.

Click here to visit Jermaine’s website

As a solo artist I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it is to record something and then hear it professionally mixed, produced and mastered. Sometimes the difference is subtle, more often than not it’s startling and always it’s thrilling. If you’ve never heard what professional production can do to your music then give Jermaine a call, whether, like me, you’ve recorded your music at home or if you need a studio.

So, thank you so very much Jermaine, I couldn’t do it without you.

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