I have an Instagram account because I’m a musician and the perceived wisdom is that creatives need to be on Instagram.

Really ???

Let me explain what being on Instagram is like for me. I create a post and upload it to Instagram. Immediately I get bombarded by ‘people’ telling me to promote it through this account, through that account. They are looking to scam me. The accounts they’re posting from have half a dozen followers and they are clearly creating dozens of these accounts every day just to spam the f*** out of people like me.

Personally I report every single one to Instagram as spam but does that stop it? Does it make Instagram think that maybe they should review their criteria for creating accounts? Does it hell. As long as they can report that zillions of new accounts are being created every day everyone seems pleased as punch.

As far as I can see half of the people in India, because virtually all of these spam accounts seem to come from India, are spending their entire days spamming the hell out of everyone using the platform. Meta, who own Instagram and Facebook, are operating a con. They paid a $billion for Instagram and have been taking everyone for a ride ever since.

Meta have no interest in making Instagram user friendly. They have no interest in getting rid of the millions of spam accounts. They certainly couldn’t care less that seemingly tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people are using Instagram to try to scam people out of their money.

As far as I can tell Instagram is a waste of time for musicians. I would be interested to hear from anyone who thinks differently and I would be especially interested to hear from anyone who has found a way of avoiding the scammers on Instagram, because Meta certainly haven’t.

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