Since I started the Radio section of my website I’ve reached out to a lot of artists asking them if they want to be featured on my website, on my social media channels and on my Spotify playlist Clip Bait.

There’s now nearly 70 outstanding artists featured on the Radio section of my website and the Clip Bait playlist on Spotify.

The offer I make to unsigned artists is quite simple, if you are on Spotify and better still if you have a website I’ll promote your music if I like it.

There are no strings attached, it’s completely free and I’ll put your music in front of thousands of potential listeners through my website and social media channels.

A lot of artists have got in touch with me and in all honesty I really appreciate them taking the time to do that. But a key component is that if I’m going to promote their music I must like it in the first place.

I recognise that’s a purely subjective thing and having someone say that they don’t like your music enough to promote it is unlikely to win friends and influence people, but it’s vital that I make that call, however unfair it seems.

I’ve heard some really good music, well recorded and performed, that just doesn’t do it for me and I have to turn those artists down.

But, on the plus side I’ve come across some amazing artists who are producing, to my ears at least, some quite exceptional music and I would ask you to take some time and listen to their brilliance on the Clip Bait playlist.

And if you’re a singer/songwriter/musician sitting on the fence, what are you waiting for? Send me links to your website and Spotify page and I will promote your music – if I like it.

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