For some while I’ve been featuring artists on the Radio section of my website, showcasing them on my social media and adding their songs to my Clip Bait playlist on Spotify. In other words promoting artists whose music I like.

It’s something I’m delighted I can do. I’ve come across some simply exceptional artists and their music and I’m thrilled that I can do something to help their careers, however small.

Maybe you’ve seen these artists on my social media or listened to their music on the Clip Bait playlist and if you have I hope that you’ve also enjoyed their music as much as I do.

If you are an artist who writes their own songs, either solo or as a band, and would like a little bit of free promotion then please get in touch with me and hopefully I’ll be sharing your music across my social media and on my Spotify playlist.

Click here for the details of how this works

Now that you’re here why not take a listen to some absolutely amazing artists on the Clip Bait playlist:

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