I am incredibly proud and very humbled at the same time to tell the world that my songs have now been streamed 400,000 times on Spotify, the world’s largest streaming service.

For a DIY musician like me it’s almost unbelievable to think that people across the world have given of their time to listen to the music I’ve created. I genuinely cannot thank each and every one of you enough.

When you write and record a song you hope some people might like it but in my case I never thought that so many people would listen to what I created. Thank you all so very much and I hope you will continue to listen to the music I produce.

Song Streams
Kiss Me Goodnight 23417
Like Lovers Do 23067
Old Flame 22347
Grace 22015
Is This Love? 21630
Throw Away The Key 21608
The Light Of My Life 21306
My Guardian Angel 20993
Let’s Go out Dancing Tonight 20738
Not What I Am 20640
Gravity Wins 19959
The Whole Day Through 19595
Only for You 19492
Dance with the Angels 19001
Loving You Is so Good 18567
I’ll Be Waiting 18509
Hold on Tight 18459
Ghosts of Your Past 18276
Taking Time 16116
At The End Of The Day 16037
TOTAL 401772

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