There are times in your life when all you want to do is scream. Loudly.

Times when despite what you think is all your best efforts the wheels come in spectacular style. Well, that was my week.

I’ve spent weeks getting ready for the release of my new single Like Lovers Do. Put aside the hours and weeks it took to write, record and produce the song. The time spent designing the artwork, putting a video together. The physical cost of uploading the song ready for release. And on and on…. I’ve put a load of effort into social media building up to midnight on the 24th June when my new single was going to be released.

Then last weekend I went down with a severe case of shingles. The whole of the left side of my face exploded in painful welts. I’ve spent the week taking an incredible amount of painkillers and other medication supposedly designed to get rid of the damn things, none of which seems to have worked in the slightest.

But at least I have the release of my single to look forward to. Well, no actually, because at midnight this morning I found out that my distributor CD Baby needed one more box ticking before they can release the song.

I didn’t know this box needed ticking, I thought I’d done everything that needed to be done. Maybe if I hadn’t spent the week doing a passable impression of the elephant man, and not getting any sleep, I might have noticed this mistake. Maybe not. Either way by half past midnight I realised my song was released on my website and places like YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp but not, crucially, on sites like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

The British have a phrase for this, we call it a right royal f*** up.

I’d love to blame someone, my management team, my publicist, the office staff, the tea lady, anybody, but as it’s just little old me I only have myself to blame.

So, I have a half released song and no firm idea when the rest of the world is going to catch up. I do have shingles, which I don’t recommend to anyone. All in all this week has been bloody awful.

If you’re interested you can listen to Like Lovers Do here, I’ll let you know when you can listen to it on all the streaming sites.

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