I watched last night’s performance from Glastonbury with awe. At 80 years old Britain’s leading popular music writer showed exactly why he’s held in the esteem he’s held in.

For over two and half hours he piled great song after great song into a set that would have tested men half his age. Sure his voice ain’t what it used to be but that misses the point. For decades McCartney concerts have been a celebration of one of the greatest composers ever, with a self penned set list to die for.

When you think about what he left out, songs like Yesterday, The Long and Winding Road, Jet and even Mull of Kintyre you begin to realise that he could have done another couple of hours and still there would be songs unsung.

The reality is that he can’t go on doing what he did last night, time catches up with us all, but whilst he’s still capable of putting on a show like that I hope he continues to do so.

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