Last night was supposed to be download Cubase 11 night, but things didn’t go exactly to plan. In fact it’s more accurate to say they didn’t go at all.

A glitch in the internet matrix caused me to abandon the whole idea and watch Netflix instead. This morning my electrician arrived and set up the whole BT system from scratch. Thanks Trev.

Now I have broadband barreling into the house at an incredible 900mbs and I can upload at over 100mbs. Happy days. Well, yes, no thanks to BT.

The people who were only too happy to take my order a fortnight ago are now not calling me back like they promised to do. Their plug and play isn’t plug and play and the sixty odd pounds per month this is now costing me seems a lot more money than it did when I placed the order.

So, wary of the internet gods as ever, I won’t be trying to download Cubase 11 until I’ve had a few days of internet stability. The best laid plans and all that.



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