I’m not a fan of recording everything I do on a mobile phone, and I’m even less of a fan of going to concerts, football matches and other events and spending all my time watching them on a small screen on my phone, so I can watch the grainy footage back later instead of enjoying the moment.

It’s almost like if we didn’t record it it didn’t happen. Or worse still, we can show all our friends that we were somewhere they weren’t.

So, here’s a video of The Beat in concert at the Cavern Club, Liverpool recently…..

Yes, I’m a hypocrite, but brushing that to the side for a moment it was great to capture one of my all time favourite songs being played live just a few feet away. Here’s Best Friend by The Beat.

The problem has been that my phone and my computer are not talking at the moment and I’ve had to come up with a work-around to publish the video at all. One of these two bits of metal and plastic is having a hissy fit with the other, or maybe they’re both being silly. Either way it’s taken me some time to work out a solution to the problem. I need a 14 year old in my life, they’d have it working in seconds !!!

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