My Guardian Angel

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Written and composed by Sean Kearns

All voices and instruments by Sean Kearns

Produced and mastered by Jermaine Nelson-Williams at Jay Reigns Music

This song was written in memory of the love of my life Christine and was played at her funeral. I released the song to help generate funds and awareness for the Blood Cancer UK charity.

Buy the CD for just £5 including delivery in the UK. When you buy the CD you will also get a free MP3 download through this website. Streams and downloads of My Guardian Angel are also available through all the streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

The MP3 download of My Guardian Angel is just £1 through this website. My Guardian Angel is also a track on my album Present Tense.

All proceeds from this single will be donated to the Blood Cancer UK charity. 

Christine and I were together for 23 years. She died on Saturday 10th March 2018 from Non Hodginson’s Lymphoma, a blood cancer. She was only 46 years old and had just become a grandmother for the first time.

Christine died as she lived her life, with grace, dignity and concern for those around her rather than for herself. The illness that killed her was brutal and remorseless and she lived her last weeks in incredible pain as the illness ravaged her body.

Her family, friends and even people who had never known her but were moved by her story raised an incredible amount of money for Blood Cancer UK through the Just Giving page we set up in her name.

We cannot thank you enough for all for your generosity but most of all for the love and kindness you have shown us.

By buying this song you will be contributing to Blood Cancer UK. We will donate all the proceeds from streams, downloads and CD sales to Blood Cancer UK.

If you would like to contribute any extra money to this incredible charity please visit the Just Giving page by clicking the link below:

Click here to go to our Just Giving page.

Sadly, Christine’s story and the cancer that claimed her life are not unique. One in two of us will experience some form of cancer during our lives. It is my hope that by releasing My Guardian Angel I can help in some small way to bring about the day when we defeat cancer and no person will suffer like Christine did and no family will feel the loss of someone as precious as she was.



  1. All The Love In The World Sean Kearns 4:38
  2. Just To Be With You Sean Kearns 4:04
  3. Like Lovers Do Sean Kearns 4:23
  4. Grace Sean Kearns 3:22
  5. Old Flame Sean Kearns 3:28
  6. The Light of My Life Sean Kearns 3:24
  7. Taking Time Sean Kearns 4:55
  8. Kiss Me Goodnight Sean Kearns 4:40
  9. Throw Away The Key Sean Kearns 4:00
  10. Is This Love? Sean Kearns 3:14
  11. Not What I Am Sean Kearns 4:06
  12. At The End Of The Day Sean Kearns 2:44
  13. Let's Go Out Dancing Tonight Sean Kearns 4:24
  14. Hold On Tight Sean Kearns 5:39
  15. The Whole Day Through Sean Kearns 3:53
  16. My Guardian Angel Sean Kearns 6:00
  17. I'll Be Waiting Sean Kearns 5:23
  18. Loving You Is So Good Sean Kearns 4:09
  19. Ghosts of Your Past Sean Kearns 5:00
  20. Only For You Sean Kearns 4:33
  21. Gravity Wins Sean Kearns 4:57
  22. Dance With the Angels Sean Kearns 5:54