Present Tense


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Let's Go Out Dancing TonightLet's Go Out Dancing Tonight
Hold on TightHold On Tight
The Whole Day ThroughThe Whole Day Through
My Guardian AngelMy Guardian Angel
I'll Be WaitingI'll Be Waiting
Loving You Is so Good(Loving You Is) So Good
Ghosts of Your PastGhosts of Your Past
Only for YouOnly For You
Gravity WinsGravity Wins
Dance with the AngelsDance With the Angels

Present Tense contains the four previously released singles My Guardian Angel, Let's Go Out Dancing Tonight, Only For You and Gravity Wins, plus 6 previously unreleased tracks.

All the songs on the album have been released individually with different artwork to the album artwork and are available to download here.

Listen to all the album tracks completely free by clicking on any of the play buttons.

  1. Throw Away The Key 4:00
  2. Old Flame Sean Kearns 3:28
  3. Grace Sean Kearns 3:22
  4. The Light of My Life Sean Kearns 3:24
  5. Like Lovers Do Sean Kearns 4:23
  6. Let's Go Out Dancing Tonight Sean Kearns 4:24
  7. Hold On Tight Sean Kearns 5:39
  8. The Whole Day Through Sean Kearns 3:53
  9. My Guardian Angel Sean Kearns 6:00
  10. I'll Be Waiting Sean Kearns 5:23
  11. Loving You Is So Good Sean Kearns 4:09
  12. Ghosts of Your Past Sean Kearns 5:00
  13. Only For You Sean Kearns 4:33
  14. Gravity Wins Sean Kearns 4:57
  15. Dance With the Angels Sean Kearns 5:54