What can you say about the greatest band ever? What can you say that hasn’t already been said? Not a lot in all honesty.

In my humble opinion The Beatles stand head and shoulders above any other band ever. In something like only 7 years of recording they were the focal point of a seismic shift in world culture. They were only in their early twenties when they became the most famous people on the planet, when they went from Love Me Do to Strawberry Fields Forever and were at the vanguard of a complete shift in popular music.

It is arguable as to which is their greatest song but it is true that Hey Jude is a great song. It’s hard to remember that Hey Jude broke so many ‘rules’ of releasing a single, hard to remember just how revolutionary it was at the time. Hey Jude didn’t appear on an album, it was released as a stand alone single and like all Beatles records it sold in the millions worldwide.

Sit back and watch the video and remind yourself just how great a band The Beatles really were.



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