I still remember buying this album on cassette on the day of release and listening to it at full blast in my car and thinking music doesn’t really get much better than this.

I’d been a U2 fan since their debut album Boy. This was, finally, the album that catapulted U2 to international stardom and I felt the rest of the world was catching on to what made this band so great. If they’d just released the first 3 songs and had left the rest of the album blank it would have sold in the millions, instead they filled The Joshua Tree with musical excellence.

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Their style has been copied relentlessly since the release of The Joshua Tree and as a consequence it’s hard to explain just how novel the album was on it’s release. U2 have released great music since The Joshua Tree but in my opinion this is the most complete and revolutionary album they have produced so far. It is some legacy from a great band.



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