OK, confession time. My real Top 10 albums would probably contain at least 8 Beatles albums. There’s never been a better group and there’s never been such a single influence on modern popular music as The Beatles.

In just 7 years they led the change in both music and popular culture and that legacy still continues today. The Beatles songs are still one of the most streamed, downloaded and bought music. It’s no accident, it’s a result of having a catalogue of quite stunning proportions.

Help is one such example of just how good The Beatles were and are. Most groups would have made Yesterday their lead single not bury it on the second side of a soundtrack album but The Beatles were producing such an avalanche they could afford to do what they did.

Many Beatles aficionados will point out that Revolver and Sgt Pepper’s are better albums or maybe even that A Hard Day’s Night is a better soundtrack album and I wouldn’t argue. Ask me tomorrow and I’ll probably pick another Beatles album as my favourite album of all time.

Meanwhile, just enjoy the pure genius of Help by The Beatles.



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