Welcome to my brand new website. I hope you like it.

All the old features like News, My Story, my songs etc have been carried over from my previous website and there are now two new sections, Tech and Radio.

Tech will include details about all the equipment I use to produce my music but it will also include information about new products and services for musicians.

If you have something that you feel musicians should know about please don’t hesitate to Contact Me.

Radio will feature music from artists and bands that I come across. These artists and bands won’t be major stars they’ll be people like me, people working hard to get their music heard. The criteria is simple, if I like their music I’ll share it, if I don’t then I’ll leave it to someone else to share.

So, if you want me to share your music on my website and social media pages please Contact Me including links to your music.

Meanwhile, thanks for taking the time to have a look at my website.

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