If you’ve been reading My Story you might have noticed that I mentioned my first ‘real’ guitar, the 12 string guitar I bought and never played as a 12 string, always as a 6 string.

In the article I mentioned that one day I might return it to Gerry McLoughlin the school mate who sold me the guitar. Well, I’ve had second thoughts. The guitar has literally been in my loft for years and years. I got it down from the loft to photograph it for the My Story article. But that got me thinking why didn’t I get it looked at by someone and have it restored to something more like it’s original glory? So that’s what I did.

I took it to down to James at Music Cave in Holywell and he worked some of his magic on the old beast and got it playable again, including adding 12 strings for the first time in something like 50 years.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much but the guitar James handed back to me is actually very easy to play and sounds OK, certainly not bad for something that has been so cruelly treated over such a a long time.

If you live in North Wales or nearby then I can fully recommend Music Cave in Holywell, there’s a good selection of used instruments and the repair and set-up service is excellent and very reasonably priced. For more information please click here. If you tell them Sean sent you I might get a discount next time I take one of my guitars in !!!!

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