On Saturday 10th March 2018 my beautiful partner Christine Hawker died from Non-Hodkinson’s Lymphoma.

She was just 46 years old and she had suffered a brutal battle with the disease that finally killed her.

My Guardian Angel was written for Christine after she died and it was played at her funeral.

We’re now releasing the song in Christine’s name to raise money and awareness for the charity Blood Cancer UK. All proceeds from streams, downloads and CD sales will be donated to Blood Cancer UK.

Every time you stream or download this song or buy a CD you are helping Blood Cancer UK. One day we will conquer cancer and no family will ever again lose someone they love to such an awful disease.

Christine’s family, friends and even people who had never met her have already contributed an incredible £6,190.36 including tax relief to the Just Giving page we set up in her name, with all donated to Blood Cancer UK.

My Guardian Angel will be available to stream, download and buy on CD from Friday 29th January 2021.

Please share this with your friends.


My Guardian Angel was written by Sean Kearns. All instruments and voices by Sean Kearns. Produced and mastered by Jay Reigns Music. We have all given our time and effort freely to this project.


Click here to go to the Just Giving page.


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