The Cavern is totally synonymous with The Beatles. They played there more times than anywhere else and it was their de facto home in Liverpool.

A visit to The Cavern Club was included in the price of the ticket to The Magical Mystery Tour I described previously. Without that it will cost you £5 to get into The Cavern Club.

Except The Beatles never played The Cavern Club that now resides in Mathew Street Liverpool. Not once.

The Cavern Club that The Beatles played over 200 times was shut to make way for a ventilation shaft in 1973, a ventilation shaft that never materialised. The Cavern Club that exists now dates from 1984.

Just about every famous band or artist has played one of the two Cavern Clubs. I visited the venue a few months ago to see The Beat and whilst the new Cavern Club may have been built using many of the original bricks it’s really just a pastiche of the original. A good pastiche perhaps but not the real thing.

The mock up of The Cavern Club in The Beatles Story is more like the original but the ‘new’ Cavern Club is still worth seeing if for no other reason than to marvel at all the memorabilia on display. There’s a staggering amount from famous artists from Paul McCartney to Adele, Elton John to The Who and just about everyone else in between, all of whom have played The Cavern Club at some time.

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