By any measure 2021 was a weird year. It was dominated by the pandemic that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and changed our way of life beyond recognition. We finally got rid of the lunatic Trump who politicised illness and suggested, seriously, that we should drink bleach to deal with it. We didn’t see our families, we saw our families and ended up not sure if we should see anyone.

In between all that I released my first commercially available music starting with the single ‘Guardian Angel’ and culminating in the album ‘Present Tense’. It’s fair to say the pandemic made more impact on day to day life but for me personally it was a huge step.

I’d like to thank everyone who bought, downloaded and streamed my songs and for all the kind words of support I’ve received. It sounds a bit glib to say I appreciate every single one but it’s true, I really do.

So, the first 10 songs are out there now what’s next? Well, the focus last year was releasing the album. This year I’ll be focusing on releasing a series of singles. The aim is to release at least 10 new songs this year and to do that one by one throughout the year.

Just like the Present Tense collection I will release them on all the music sites like Spotify, Apple and Amazon as well as on my website.

In addition, I’ll finally get around to sending out my new look email newsletters, (sign up here), and hopefully there will be time to release some other stuff like demos and covers. We’ll see !!!

Thank you to everyone who is following me on social media, please don’t hesitate to share all of this with your friends.

Most of all, I hope that we all stay safe and can look back on 2022 as the year when our lives returned to some level of normality.

Happy New Year !!!



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