My latest single Grace has now passed 2,500 streams on Spotify alone, making it by far my most successful release to date.

A huge thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to stream Grace, every single stream matters to artists like me, it really does. When you’re writing, recoding and then releasing a new song you can only hope that people will like it, so to see it do so well is thrilling.

I know that major artists count their Spotify streams in the billions but we don’t all get that break and we don’t have a record company machine behind us pumping social media, radio and TV to death.

At my end of the music industry business it’s a struggle just to get any listens at all. There’s some 60,000 new releases on Spotify every single day, so the chances of being heard are very, very slim and that’s why it’s such a big deal to have reached 2,500+ streams.

Thank you again for taking the time to listen to the whole song, it’s very kind of you.

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