Calling all musicians, I might be able to help your music get heard.

So I have my website and the question is what to do with it?

Well, obviously, I want to promote my music to as many people as possible but there’s more I can do. So when I planned out my new website I introduced two new sections – Tech and Radio.

Tech goes into the stuff I use to make my music and links to people or organisations who might be of interest to other musicians.

Radio is about other artists whose music I like and want to share. If you’re Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Adele, U2 or The Beatles then much as I love your music this isn’t for you. Radio is for all the musicians like me, those of us who are not international superstars.

My aim is to feature one artist or band every day. In addition to posting an article on my website I’ll post links onto my social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. I’ve got 5000 friends on Facebook, 1175 followers on Twitter, 1400 followers on Instagram and over 800 connections on LinkedIn so who knows, maybe some of those will click on the links and find your music.

So send me links to your music and maybe even a short bio. If I like your music I’ll put it onto my website. Just so we’re clear I don’t want any payment of any kind, no tit for tat, nothing in return for doing this. I wish every musician well and if this helps even a little bit then that’s great.

Get your music heard – send me your links now.

Click here to go to Radio on my website

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