It’s been over three months since I last released a new song which is way too long. In fact I’ve only released three songs so far through the whole of 2022, which is nowhere near enough.

The simple fact is that for most of this year I haven’t been well enough to concentrate on music and for most of this year I haven’t been able to to sing, which for an aspiring singer/songwriter is something of a drawback. Even now my voice isn’t anywhere near where it was for most of last year.

What this has taught me is to be grateful when things are all working and to actually get on with writing and recording when I’m feeling good and not leave it until another day.

I had hoped that by now I would have released my second album but I’m still several songs worth of material short of that objective. I have all the songs written, they just need to be recorded, produced and mixed.

That process starts again with the release next week of my next single and I’m on something of a mission to get a lot of new music completed.

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