You work hard for your art. You’ve studied it for years. You’ve written and recorded your best work, spending hours, days, months, even years getting it just right.

And now you want the world to hear it, don’t you?

So you have a website, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn pages, you’re on Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer and a hundred other streaming sites. In fact you’re everywhere.

But actually you’re not.

You’re a secret. And here’s why.

Every day I search for artists to promote on the Radio section of my website, take a look here. I find loads of musicians every day. Loads. But I can’t feature them and the reason is simple, I can’t find out even the most basic stuff about them.

For example, do they have a website, are they on Spotify, what’s their story, how do I contact them?

It’s because the artist hasn’t taken the time to link their profile. More often than not there’s no link to their website, no link to their music on streaming services like Spotify or Soundcloud. No listener is going to waste their time searching you out if you can’t be bothered to make it dead easy for them to find out about you, to listen to your music.

If you don’t include links on every social media site you’re on then you might as well have not bothered spending all that time writing, recording and releasing your music. You’re wasting your time and sadly everybody else’s time.

We want to hear your music, honestly we really do, so c’mon artists, songwriters, singers and musicians get your links up. Everywhere. And we’ll listen to you.

Don’t keep your art a secret.

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