The Radio section of my website features artists that you might not have heard of but that I think are great.

It’s my way of doing something to help fellow artists get heard. I’ll feature their music and pop in some links to their website, Spotify page etc. I’ll also feature the artists on my social media pages.

To help promote these artists I’ve now set up a playlist on Spotify that includes every artist I’ve featured on my Radio section of this website. I plan to add four or five new artists every week so please pop over to Spotify and follow the playlist and help these brilliant artists get some more exposure.

Click here to visit the Clip Bait playlist

Click here to go to the Radio section of my website

Submit a link to your own music here

Please note – if you’re submitting music I do not make any charge for including you within Radio on my website or adding you to the Clip Bait playlist. However, I will only add you if I personally enjoy your music.

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