JUST!JOSH is completely different to any other artist I have featured in the Radio section of my website. No, it’s not the exclamation mark in the middle of his name, it’s his music. It’s just Josh (see what I did there?) and his piano. No vocals, no overdubs, no strings, just a piano. Before you […]

Welcome to Brighton based singer, songwriter and producer Roxi Sound who is beginning to really launch her music career in 2023 with a series of single releases. If what she’s released to date is an indication of what’s to come I think Roxi is going to be very well known in a short time. Take […]

Here’s Macy Crawford from Charleston, South Carolina. I can’t tell you a great deal about Macy, everything I know about her is on the bio on her Spotify page which you can read for yourself. What I do know is that she creates some excellent music and I suspect there’s going to be a lot […]

From Dublin, Ireland this is John Lynch. If you like Irish folk music, carefully crafted and excellently performed you’re going to love John’s music. His songs are moving with just the right amount of whimsy to make them very, very easy to listen to. Grab a listen now. Click here to visit John’s website Click […]

From Ottawa in Canada here’s Sabrina Fallah. Sabrina is a rocker and can belt out her songs with passion but she also has a really interesting reflective side to her music, listen to her song Hurt and you’ll hear what I mean. Click on her Spotify page, turn up the volume and dance like no-one […]

Welcome to superb music from Shane Cooley. Either on his own or with various collaborations Shane produces excellent music in a wide range of styles. What marks his music out is the overall excellence and some excellent musicianship. Click here to visit Shane’s website Click here to listen to Shane on the Clip Bait playlist

From the USA here’s the exceptional folk driven sounds of Annette Wasilik. Beautiful singing, excellent musicianship and great production has combined to deliver a selection of songs that are very easy on the ear. Do yourself a favour and immerse yourself in Annette’s music, it’s time very well spent. Click here to visit Annette’s website […]

According to Eric’s bio on his Spotify account he records on a mobile phone using a free recording app from Google Play store. If that’s true I’m going to sell my computer and all the recording stuff I use because he’s getting some pretty amazing sounds doing it his way. From Tyne and Wear in […]

From New Jersey, USA here’s the very talented Ava Panza. Ava has only released two songs so far but both of these are exceptional and she’s got a new single launching on the 4th February so keep an ear out for that. Meanwhile, head over to Ava’s Spotify channel or her website and enjoy her […]

From Birmingham, Alabama here’s Summer Robinett, songwriter and singer of some excellent music and the promise of some great things to come. I honestly think that Summer in addition to the brilliant music Summer has already released we can reasonably expect her to release some quite exceptional music in the future, she’s clearly got the […]