Lost Sound Club is a project from Somerset based musician Chris Hope. Chris has a vast portfolio of music and Lost Sound Club is a part of that. Visit Chris’ website and you’ll see the range his music covers. I’ve concentrated on just a part of that in featuring Lost Sound Club but I strongly […]

Four friends from East London collectively known as YUKE who, so far, haven’t released many songs but what they have released are of a high standard. They cite Talking Heads as an influence and there’s some evidence of that but what drew me to them was a touch of the anarchic brilliance of Sparks, and […]

Originally from Lichfield Elerax describes his music as electro-pop with dance vibes, which is pretty accurate but to my ears there’s a depth to his music that goes beyond that simple description and takes his music to another level. Take a listen for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Click here to visit Elerax’s […]

The purely instrumental songs from Jonny Dark aren’t exactly an easy listen, that’s not what he intends them to be. In fact I suggest you don’t listen to them last thing at night, you might not sleep. Jonny’s work is deliberately sinister and provocative, but take a listen because it’s exceptional. Click here to visit […]

I can’t tell you too much about NAYLEA other than she has a First Class Honours BA (Hons) in Popular Music and Recording from the University of Salford. According to her LinkedIn bio she’s based in Manchester and apart from her Spotify releases also focuses on film and television music. Listen to songs like He […]

From Texas in the USA here’s Dave Christen. According to the bio on his website Dave is going to release a new album in the near future. If it contains songs as good as Another Day Is Gone then it’s going to be a treat. Meanwhile, enjoy the couple of songs Dave has released under […]

James Gregory Murray is from Northern Ireland and together with a talented group of friends he has fashioned some great uplifting music for everyone’s enjoyment. There much more to Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders than the three songs that are featured on Spotify so go check out their website for links to much more […]

A warm welcome to my website for an outstanding talent. Samantha Preis writes haunting, beautifully written, sung and produced songs that take you happily floating to another place. There’s obvious comparisons that could be made about her music but that, in my opinion, would be unfair, Samantha is an artist who ought to be appreciated […]

Martin has a huge range of songs, from electro to ballads, and one thing marks them all out – they are all very, very good. Blessed with a great voice Martin also knows how to put a song across. I’ve added his song Let You Go to my Clip Bait playlist but to be honest […]

From Hertfordshire this is Jacob Skinner. I really can’t tell you a great deal about Jacob but his music is very good indeed, whether it’s the indie-pop of Learn To Love or the more electro-beat of Alone Again. Give his music some of your time, it’s well worth it. Click here to visit Jacob’s Facebook […]