For anyone releasing music these days social media is a must. Whilst the biggest artists and bands count their followers in the tens or hundreds if millions we mere mortals are delighted if we count our followers in the hundreds let alone the thousands.

So it’s with genuine delight that I’ve recently passed 3,000 followers on Instagram. Thank you all for joining me on my musical journey.

I’ve had my ups and downs with Instagram. It’s polluted with spammers who want you to promote your music on their channels at some exorbitant cost. I report and block every single one of them in a vain effort to keep my Instagram channel clean.

I also get hit with people openly trying to sell me Instagram followers, I report and block them as well for all the good it does. Clearly Meta don’t care.

But having said all that it’s great to think that 3,000 people are at least mildly bothered enough to follow me and to put up with the stream of posts I bombard them with. Thank you all.

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