OK, so this is a website dedicated to my music but it’s also, in part, a platform.

As an Englishman I have over the past few weeks watched, with increasing anticipation, as England got nearer and nearer to winning a major trophy for the first time in 55 years. Yesterday was gut wrenching, a huge disappointment, but not for the reasons you might at first think.

We lost to Italy and I honestly think we were unlucky, but the worst of England came to the fore. First in the drunken slobs who invaded Wembley and second in the vile cretins who took to social media to racially abuse our own players.

What is wrong with some people that they can’t have a drink and behave with a sense of decency?

The real shame on this country is those sick bastards who use race as a weapon. Rashford, Sancho and Baka are English, their skin colour is irrelevant, totally irrelevant. It was irrelevant when they were beating Germany and Denmark and it’s irrelevant when they took their spot kicks against Italy.

The England manager failed a spot kick in 1996 against Germany but no-one said it was because he’s white.

None of these players wanted to miss, neither did the Italian players who missed, but they did. But the reason they missed wasn’t down to their ethnicity.

To the animals who took to social media and went racist I have a simple message, you’re not English, you’re not British. You’re not welcome here or anywhere. Crawl back under your stone and shut the f*** up.


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