I try to reach the widest audience possible with my music and so it’s available on all the major streaming sites, but my music is also available on smaller or specialist sites as well.

One of those is Soundcloud, which is a site that has traditionally featured new or unsigned artists and bands.

Soundcloud has over 70 million registered users and gets over 170 million monthly listeners but because of those numbers they also have massive numbers of artists using the site. That’s both good and bad. As an artist you don’t want to be on a site that no-one uses but when the numbers get so big getting people to listen to your music becomes a real struggle.

Quite simply, there’s almost too much music out there and artists like me who don’t have the backing of a major record label or an advertising budget that runs into millions have a major problem just getting heard.

I’m fortunate that music isn’t my day job so I don’t depend on it for income, but I still want as many people as possible to listen to it. Because of the amount of music out there I doubt that there are more than a handful of artists worldwide who are actually making money from their music alone.

So, if there’s an artist you like, whether that’s me or someone else, tell as many people as possible about them. Share all the links to their music that you can find with as many people as you can, we’ll be eternally grateful.

Meanwhile please click here to listen to my songs on Soundcloud.



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