When I launched my website and released my music at the beginning of last year I made the decision to do so as a limited company. There was a number of reasons for having a limited company which I won’t go into right now but a question I do get asked is why did I call my company Washable Ltd. It’s a reasonable question so here’s why.

When I was very small, sort of baby sized, my parents bought me a giant panda teddy bear. He was a regular sized teddy but he was the first and as far as I remember the only teddy I ever owned. He had a label on his back that stated “I am washable”. So what else was he ever going to be called?

Washable went everywhere with me and suffered the consequences. For example I once had a particularly horrendous haircut so I cut Washable’s hair on the top of his head not realising that unlike mine his hair would never grow back. Washable had plastic eyes and one of them fell out and got lost. Obviously he couldn’t go through life with only one eye so my Grandmother sowed an eye onto him, including a bright blue pupil.

Washable eventually disappeared when I was living in Bristol. I know why he left but not where he went but that’s a story I’ll keep to myself. But in honour of the little lad I thought I’d name my company after him and have a giant panda as my company logo.

To any parents out there, be very choosy about the teddies you buy for your children, they will probably last a lifetime. At least their memory might.



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