I’ve uploaded another picture to Apple Music, placing my eyebrows between one line and my lips between another line. Who knows, maybe this time I’ll pass their idea of what makes a good artists picture, or maybe I won’t.

It seems really odd to me that Apple have these controls in place. OK, I get that they don’t want anything inflammatory, racist, sexist etc etc but this is my profile, surely I can pretty much put up whatever I want? Every other streaming service lets you use whichever picture you want. Not Apple. They want to control the pictures of the hundreds of thousands of artists on their site.

They seem to forget that this is our music and they are simply the retailer. Without any artists they don’t have a business. The problem is that for artists we want to be on Apple because we hope they’ll sell our music and give us a few pence as a reward. I doubt my profile picture is going to do that though, no matter where my eyebrows and lips are in relation to to their lines.


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