This song was written some time ago and I reworked it for my album Present Tense.

Essentially it’s a simple song both musically and lyrically that gradually builds. The idea behind the song is that sometimes you have to wait for good things to happen and they might take a long time in coming but be ready when they do and appreciate them. At the same time let people know that you’re there for them no matter what happens in their lives, good or bad.

It’s one of the songs I’m most proud of and to listen to. When I was discussing the production of this song with Jermaine (my producer) I told him I’d be happy for I’ll Be Waiting to run to about 10 minutes in length. He wasn’t so sure about that. The eventual length of the song at just short of five and half minutes is something of a compromise, but I suspect Jermaine was right.

Click here to listen to I’ll Be Waiting.

Click here to watch the video for I’ll Be waiting on YouTube.



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