I think it’s time to upgrade my music software.

I recorded the whole of my album Present Tense including the three singles I’ve released so far on Cubase 10 and held off upgrading to Cubase 11 until that project was complete. Now it’s all done it’s time for me to upgrade to Cubase 11.

In theory it should be simple, just download the software and let the computer do the rest. Plug and play.

But have you ever really know anything that involves computers, software and the internet to be that easy? And Cubase is like almost all modern software in that there’s probably a helpline somewhere but can you find it when ‘computer says no’?

I once saw a guy I worked with throw a printer out the office window into the car park and understood exactly how he felt. He missed his secretary who was returning from lunch by inches. She, quite reasonably, was more than a little agitated about why her boss was throwing computer hardware at her.

So wish me well and if you never hear from me again you know the reason why.



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