Let’s make one thing clear before we start – the Clip Bait playlist is completely FREE.

I started the Clip Bait playlist and the Radio section of my website to try and help unsigned songwriters, singers and bands get a little bit of recognition. It’s my way of showing appreciation for all those artists struggling to get their music heard in a world that seems increasingly uninterested in actually listening to music.

To no-one’s surprise I quickly discovered that there are loads of seriously talented songwriters, singers and bands out there. So far I’ve highlighted about 60 of them, but I know there’s hundreds more who are just as talented who are just waiting to be heard.

So here’s the deal, if I like an artists songs I will feature them in the Radio section of this website and included them in the Clip Bait playlist on Spotify.

I will also share links to their music on my social media pages and will keep repeating that.

It’s my way of giving back to artists who have given me pleasure, a little way of saying thank you to them for all the time, effort and money they put into their art, mostly with no reward whatsoever.

So here’s how YOU can help. Go to the Clip Bait playlist and click LIKE.

Then share the Clip Bait playlist with everyone you know on social media and ask them to do the same.

No-one will get rich if you do this but dozens of artists will be forever grateful for you giving up a little of your time to acknowledge their art.

Do something nice, Like the Clip Bait playlist and share it as widely as possible. Thank you.

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