“Goldfish are said to have an attention span of five seconds, which is approximately two seconds longer than a visitor to your website.”

I don’t who worked it out but it seems about right for life in 2022.

Or as Nirvana put it “Here we are now, entertain us”.

In other words we now think we’re doing everyone a favour if we give them a moment of our time. Heaven forbid that creators such as musicians need three minutes, or more, of your time. You can’t be wasting that much of your precious time listening to something that probably took the creator days, weeks or months to put in front of you, can you?

Everything is on fast forward, you can instantly skip to the middle of a song or click the NEXT button.

Instant gratification is the only game in town. The TikTok generation want their entertainment brainless, amusing and instantly forgettable. Music is like Tinder for the ears, swipe next, swipe next….

If people get bored looking at a website for more than three seconds what chance does music really have? Have we really developed to have the attention span of a goldfish?

It’s a bit worrying when you think about it. But don’t worry, in about four seconds time your mind will have wandered onto something new.

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