There has been a great reaction to my new single Like Lovers Do and some of the comments I’ve received have been very special.

When you’re writing, recording and producing a new song you hope that people will like it but you won’t know until it’s released. It’s only when people start commenting, streaming and then buying the song that you know what people think about it.

Here are some of the wonderful comments I’ve had about Like Lovers Do:

Tony: it’s relaxing as any good love song should be

Eddie: I have subscribed to your YouTube channel as well

Kayleigh: Love your song

Shari: lovely heartfelt creation

Luciana: Really love the dreamy vibe

Denis: Lovely song Sean and excellent production

I could go on, but that would be showing off !!! If you haven’t heard Like Lovers Do please click here or try these streaming sites:



Apple Music



Watch the video on YouTube

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