This is a picture of Flint, a town in North Wales. Doesn’t it look great? But that’s not the reason why I’m sharing it with you. I’m sharing it because little old Flint is currently the town where my music is played the most. In the world.

Flint has a castle, well technically the ruins of a castle. Flint is also the home town of Jade Jones the taekwondo gold medallist. But other than that, let’s be honest, Flint is not a lovely place. I know that because I live just a few miles from the town. I don’t think even the residents would describe Flint as a lovely place.

But right now it is the best place on the planet. It’s beating all the major cities and all the great international conurbations because more people in Flint are listening to my music than anywhere else.

And so, lovely people of Flint, thank you very much. I really appreciate it and I very much hope you’re liking what you hear.

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