I may have a deep seated love for my Gibson Les Paul, I may turn to my Taylor 814ce as my ‘go to’ instrument but this beauty, my Taylor T5z Standard has got to be the most beautiful instrument I own.

I mean look at it, it’s a work of art, a thing of great beauty, quite possibly the best looking guitar on the planet. I’ve seen many T5s of all different colours but this one is head and shoulders above any I’ve ever seen. It’s almost wrong to play it, it should just be looked at.

There’s no point me going into what this guitar can do, the way it can be both an acoustic and an electric guitar or the fancy bits and bobs that allow it to do that. If you desperately need that info then please head over to the Taylor Guitars website. But I didn’t really buy it because it does all that fancy stuff, if I’m being honest I bought it because of the way it looks.

I got the guitar from Guitar Galleries in Beverley, Yorkshire because they were the only place where that particular colour was available. I don’t play it nearly often enough to justify buying it but I really love to hold it and just look at it. It is a fabulous instrument, but more than that, in my opinion, it’s a work of art and I love it.

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