C’mon, admit it, it’s pretty stunning isn’t it?

This is my Taylor SB. The SB stands for Solid Body which must have taken the marketing team at Taylor Guitars weeks to work out. Sadly Taylor don’t make SBs any more. I don’t know when the stopped making solid body guitars but it was a long time ago. In fact it wasn’t until last year that I found out they had ever made solid body electric guitars. But once I did find out I was intrigued. And then I found this beauty.

I came across it on eBay and it was being sold by a guy just outside New York. Check out his eBay page here.

I hardly use eBay and I tend towards the sceptical when I see anything for sale on the site. But I contacted the guy and he came straight back to me with a price and delivery estimate and I took the not inconsiderable plunge because it was quite a lot of money.

Lo and behold it arrived, excellently packaged and just what I hoped it would be. And what a beauty it is. I wish Taylor still made solid body guitars because I think they make exceptional guitars and I’m very glad I bought this one.


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