This is my ‘go-to’ guitar, the one I play more than any other.

I’ve owned this beautiful guitar for about three years and I play it virtually every day. The tone, the ease of play and the overall feel of the guitar is brilliant.

I suppose I’m pre-disposed to Taylor guitars because my grandparent’s surname was Taylor, but I now own three quite beautiful Taylor guitars.

I bought this 814ce from PMT in Manchester. I wanted a high end acoustic guitar and I arranged for them to have a small selection of guitars from Martin, Gibson and Taylor for me to play and to choose from. They tuned up the guitars and then just left me alone to play with each one for as long as I wanted. Hats off to PMT because that’s exactly the way you should be able to choose a guitar, especially in this price point.

I spent nearly two hours going backwards and forwards between the five or six guitars but the one I kept going back to was the Taylor 814. In the end there was little contest, the Taylor had won me over completely. Yes, the others were superb guitars but the Taylor won for it’s looks, the way it played and most of all for the the tone. I couldn’t wait to get it home and start playing it.

And that’s the way any guitar should make you feel.

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