I enjoyed the Deacon Blue concert last Sunday really enjoyed it. They were on good form and the concert itself was easily as good as any of their previous concerts I’ve been to.


I don’t understand what’s currently going on at concerts, musical concerts at least. Back in the day when you went to a concert you respected the artists and actually listened to them. Yes, you would get up and dance, or whatever, but the central aim of going to a concert was to listen to the performers. After all, that’s why you were there !!!

Not these day it seems. Nowadays the average concert goer thinks it’s OK to chat to everyone and everybody. Given that the music is usually loud that means shouting. It doesn’t matter whether anyone around them might have come for the music rather than an update on some stranger’s life story, far too many f***wits want to just use the music as background whilst they scream at each other.

The woman behind me kept up a constant stream to her friends including telling everyone within earshot how much she liked each song. She liked each song so much that it wasn’t enough to just make that comment, it was important to her that everything else in her life was discussed at the same time.

She was joined by two blokes who looked just like the Mitchell brothers in this constant shouting. They were joined by thousands of others who chatted happily throughout any song that wasn’t a Deacon Blue classic, especially the new songs.

I blame programmes like Gogglebox. We’re encouraged to believe that it’s OK to talk constantly over whatever we’re watching or listening to. The idea that someone else might want to concentrate on the reason they’ve actually come to the venue or the TV programme they’ve put on just doesn’t cross some people’s mind.

Surprisingly, I didn’t go to the concert to listen to some random woman, the Mitchell twins or anyone else and it seems telling someone to shut the f*** up is bad manners on my part.



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