I’ve only ever known Queen Elizabeth II as our monarch. As governments and politicians came and went she was the only constant at the head of our democracy.

Throughout my life increasing numbers of people have come to the conclusion that we don’t need a monarchy, that we’d be better off with an elected head of state. Their noise drowns out the debate until we end up thinking like they do.

And then Elizabeth died and everything that seemed constant suddenly doesn’t seem constant anymore. There has been an outpouring that has overwhelmed the voices calling for an end to the monarchy. It’s a measured outpouring, not the hysterical noise that followed Diana’s death, this is more respectful and contemplative, we’ve lost our Queen and we’re all beginning to realise what she meant to us individually and collectively.

The tributes have been special. For example, Boris Johnson’s speech in Parliament was surprisingly excellent, the new King’s address was deeply emotional and appropriate. Thousands have queued for hours in Edinburgh to walk past her coffin and no doubt there will be the same in London as we build up to the funeral.

We seem to have all realised that nothing last forever and we should appreciate what we have and not be in such a rush to get rid of it. I never personally met the Queen, but I somehow felt that I had and clearly that resulting sense of loss is shared by many if not most people in the UK.

Yes, this is a website dedicated to my music but there are times when things need to be said, when statements need to be made and I feel that this is one of them.

RIP Elizabeth and thank you for your service.

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