Release Date To Be Confirmed

The Lessons

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My latest project is a collection of songs that will go to make up my third album provisionally called The Lessons. I don’t have a release date for this album yet, but hopefully it won’t take as long as my last album, Collateral, took.

The plan is for the album to have at least ten songs and possibly even twelve songs. I have twelve songs mapped out but there’s a lot of work required on each one to turn them into finished tracks.

The first song from this album that I’ve completed and released is Just To Be With You which was released in December 2023.

The second song from the album, All The Love In The World, was released as a single in April 2024.

  1. Draw The Line Sean Kearns 3:37
  2. All The Love In The World Sean Kearns 4:38
  3. Just To Be With You Sean Kearns 4:04
  4. Like Lovers Do Sean Kearns 4:23
  5. Grace Sean Kearns 3:22
  6. Old Flame Sean Kearns 3:28
  7. The Light of My Life Sean Kearns 3:24
  8. Taking Time Sean Kearns 4:55
  9. Kiss Me Goodnight Sean Kearns 4:40
  10. Throw Away The Key Sean Kearns 4:00
  11. Is This Love? Sean Kearns 3:14
  12. Not What I Am Sean Kearns 4:06
  13. At The End Of The Day Sean Kearns 2:44
  14. Let's Go Out Dancing Tonight Sean Kearns 4:24
  15. Hold On Tight Sean Kearns 5:39
  16. The Whole Day Through Sean Kearns 3:53
  17. My Guardian Angel Sean Kearns 6:00
  18. I'll Be Waiting Sean Kearns 5:23
  19. Loving You Is So Good Sean Kearns 4:09
  20. Ghosts of Your Past Sean Kearns 5:00
  21. Only For You Sean Kearns 4:33
  22. Gravity Wins Sean Kearns 4:57
  23. Dance With the Angels Sean Kearns 5:54