Old Flame


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Written and composed by Sean Kearns

All voices and instruments by Sean Kearns

Produced and mastered by Jermaine Nelson-Williams at Jay Reigns Music


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Old Flame

I was thinking
About an old flame
I once knew

I hope she’s happy
I hope she found everything
She wanted to

We went our separate ways
When our love headed south
And I never did get to find out
Just how she had changed
And what I knew of her remained

I was thinking
About all the places
I once knew

I knew them
All so very well
Before they drifted out of view

When I go back there these days
Everything around me has changed
I don’t know what ever made me think
The people I knew would remain
And all the buildings would stay the same

It’s so funny how your mind plays tricks
On everything you thought you knew
The world keeps on spinning around
‘Til the only one left behind is you

I was thinking
About an old flame
I once knew

I hope you’re happy
I hope you found everything
You wanted to

I hope you found happiness
That takes good care of you
I hope you found happiness
That wraps itself around you
I hope you found love
That gives you all you want it to

I was thinking
About an old flame

Released 9th December 2022

© ℗ Washable Ltd 2022

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