When I first read this I couldn’t believe it, and to be honest I still can’t, but research has shown that one in five tracks that are uploaded to Spotify never get any plays.

That’s no plays. At all.

Not even the artist that uploaded them has bothered to listen. Not their family, friends, curious neighbours, no-one.

It costs money to upload a track to Spotify, it takes time and effort, some creative input and yet there are people doing all this and then doing absolutely nothing with the end product.

This is your art, this is your time, this is your money and it seemingly means so little no-one ever hears it – not even the creator themselves.

I simply can’t imagine why anyone would put in all that time and effort and then never even bother to check it out themselves. Why you wouldn’t do a little bit of promotion. Why you wouldn’t want at least some people to listen to what you have created.

What a strange world we live in.

Here are all my tracks on Spotify…..

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